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Not surprised by the reactions.

I don't expect her to throw the show under the bus though. She will likely be very classy and upset that she can no longer contribute. She probably feels she can give so much more.

As for the list, that is pretty much who I expected but Corday seems to want to keep as many as possible. He makes mention of hoping most will take a cut so he doesn't have to get rid of them so that does show how stuck he truly is. I don't bad for him but the situation sucks. He's the reason this happened but, in this circumstances, I understand where he is coming from. It is his fault though but I can't say the cuts don't make sense financially given the 40% cut.

The budget is still manageable. As Rick said, it's all in the writing, as it should be. I don't see alot of risk if Bo, Hope, and Stefano are sticking around too. If they go or get dropped as well, then there is alot of risk because that is just too much too soon IMO.

I know that the theme right now is "no one is safe" but there is no way James Scott is going anywhere IMO. The guy is on everyday and has been for 3 years now. Plus, he already made it known a few times it's all about the writing. The show is banking on him and I find it hard to believe they will let him go so easily. Jay is different. They have recasted before so they probably figure they can again.

Bryan Dattilo is no surprise. I can see that.

I have to wonder too how Shawn Christian leaving may change things. I've always felt he will bolt when his contract is up. Also interesting that Blake Berris is not on this list.
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