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Nov 19 2008, 12:41 AM
When Deidre is finally done at Days, I hope she does an exclusive interview with one of the magazines just completely ripping Corday to shreds. I know that's not a very Deidre-like thing to do, but she's spent years being nothing but gracious and helping Corday to promote the show's crap stories. I hope she really lets loose and tells it how it is about Corday and what a colossal idiot he is.
I would like someone to do that.

I'm surprised no one has already. I think Joe has come the closest to it but you would think someone would.

It makes me wonder what the hell Corday does to get them all to side with him no matter what. If they wax poetic about him even after this, despite the reasoning that went into this, then you know there is some reason behind their undying support for him.
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