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Nov 18 2008, 11:23 PM
Nov 18 2008, 07:08 PM
What does Deidre and Drake think about getting fired?and the rest off the cast?

Deidre is said to be very hurt,angry and extremely disapointed....

Do not know about Drakes reaction,but i am guessing he feels the same....

The rest off the cast is set to be shell shocked after they found out today about Deidre and Drake,everybody is scared about losing there jobs...if Deidre Hall can get fired then everybody can.....

Ken Corday have said that their already low budget has been cut nearly in half (40%),he is also said that DAYS is lucky to be getting another 20 months.
He says it's going to be a really rough 5 months and calls this "the darkest, worst period I have ever endured." DAYS is safe through 2009/2010, at that point there's an option to pick them up for another year.

It`s also a rumor going around that 5 more actors are getting fired from the show,making it a total 8 person out....the people that is rumor to be fired is

- Lauren koslow (kate)
- Bryan Dalto (Lucas)
- Mary Beth Evens (kayla)
- Stephen Nichols (patch)
- James scott (ej)
- Thaao Penghlis (tony)
- Leann Hunley (anna)
how is that five more people are rumored to be fired, but then you say 7 people as being fired, and then say it comes to a total of 8, without even mentioning Dee or Drake. Doesn't make any sense

Also, all of the info you presented was from the daytime confidental podcast. Please don't make it seem like you are "in the know," while we all can listen to the same podcast.
I never said i was `in the know``.....i google the net last night to see what peoples reaction to this news was,daytime confidental is not the only one reporting in Deidres reaction to the news....i have read on other bords about people that work on the set and have said that Deidre never saw this comming,she thinks its unforgivable and can not belive she got the pink slip after all her loyalty and support off the show over the years....She is said to be very pissed off
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