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Nov 19 2008, 02:54 AM
Nov 19 2008, 02:24 AM
Nov 19 2008, 02:05 AM
I donīt want sound harsh or something, but in this time and state soaps are in no one is worthy the pay DH/DDH are making. If the budget was really slashed by 40 percent, to keep them anymore as anything more than popular extras was simply out of question.
I guess I just see it like this...

Ten years ago, Days of Our Lives was #2 in the ratings and #1 in all the important demographics. I understand that the ratings ratings have fallen for all soaps, but Days hasn't only fallen in the ratings... they've also fallen in their standings. What was once the #2 soap is now near the bottom, and they lost their demographic stronghold a long time ago.

With a capable head honcho and a capable writing team, the show wouldn't have fallen nearly this far/this quickly, IMO. The cast wouldn't be asked to take pay cut after pay cut if they had a capable head honcho and a capable writing team to keep the audiences from bleeding out. It's obvious that the blame for this lies on the shoulders of Ken Corday and all the hacks he's allowed to destroy the show for the last ten years, so why should his cast be the ones that pay for it? He and his group of hacks have single-handedly taken a hatchet to the ratings. He has no business savvy -- he shouldn't be running a business. The budget problems are HIS fault. The cast has been asked over and over and over to take major pay cuts, and at some point, you just have to say no. There comes a point where the actors realize that they're the ones paying for all the mistakes of the big wigs, and it's not right to constantly make them take the hit and put their financial livelihood in serious jeopardy just because the captain of the ship is constantly finding new ways to hit an iceberg.
Did Corday a lot of stupid decisions? Sure. But I donīt think even best producer in the world could change the fact soaps are dying, or atleast drastically changing. DAYS had good numbers in young demos for years, thatīs true, but itīs exactly people from this demographics who are leaving their TVīs in drones to watch youtube, to chat on MSN, etc. Thatīs truth across the board, from daytime to primetime.

The popularity of soaps actors who were once huge international stars is diminishing. Nobody cares about them, even cabel TVīs are refusing to air anything related to them. Maybe itīs not their fault and they are still doing the best work possible but the sad reality is, most of them was lucky to even keep the job this long. Their pay is based on past fame and no longer justified.
I agree.

Maybe they wouldn't have dropped so fast but it would've happened eventually, especially with Corday in charge. I mean, every writer in the past ten years was not a hack. B&C weren't. SSM wasn't that bad. Broderick was canned before she could do anything. i mean, with the exception of Langan, JER, and Higley, to a lesser extent, some of these writers barely got the time to show what they could do and, even when they did, he had to get involved or screw them up somehow.

I think the fact that the rest of the daytime block around Days is gone doesn't help either. Also, and this goes for all soaps, more people watch then the ratings indicate. They may not watch regularly but they do watch and then there are people who DVR, Tivo, watch on Soapnet, watch online, etc. Back in the 90's, there wasn't so much to measure. Now, there is. There is no way to really tell how many people watch these shows and, when you consider who doesn't even have a Nielsen box, then you begin to wonder how many people aren't being counted.
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