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Viewing Single Post From: Deidre,Drake and the rest off the cast reaction

Nov 19 2008, 12:41 AM
When Deidre is finally done at Days, I hope she does an exclusive interview with one of the magazines just completely ripping Corday to shreds. I know that's not a very Deidre-like thing to do, but she's spent years being nothing but gracious and helping Corday to promote the show's crap stories. I hope she really lets loose and tells it how it is about Corday and what a colossal idiot he is.
Fuck "one of the magazines" - she should go all out and try and do Oprah! The Oprah Show should totally do a show on how soaps are DYING...to keep it relevant. Oprah did used to watch AMC I think, so ya know, might count for something. Whatever, it should be a TV interview with someone!

And have DH rip Corday and the show to shreds lol. Would LOVE it.
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