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Nov 19 2008, 02:05 AM
Nov 18 2008, 11:48 PM
Nov 18 2008, 11:36 PM
I think he expected to make big changes. That is why he brought in a firm hand, as you said. However, I doubt he saw any of this coming. Tomlin influenced him into doing something he would never have the guts to do otherwise. Now he probably regrets it seeing all the reactions.
Can I just say something... I have no idea who influenced whom, but unless Tomlin held Corday at gunpoint, Corday has no excuse for this. He should be intensely loyal to two stars who have given and continue to give their all to the show, one for the past 20 years, the other for 30. I understand that budget cuts were needed, but there are many other avenues that could have been taken before the two top stars were let go.
I donīt want sound harsh or something, but in this time and state soaps are in no one is worthy the pay DH/DDH are making. If the budget was really slashed by 40 percent, to keep them anymore as anything more than popular extras was simply out of question. The showīs budget was approx. 65 $ mil. per year, now itīs less than 40 $ mil. So, do the math. DH/DDH were let go first because their contract cycle was just about to end, but itīs just the beginning. Many will follow.
If Corday had discussed pay cuts with Drake or Deidre, and they refused, it's one thing, but from what I read that wasn't even discussed. They were both blindsided. If daytime salaries on soaps are much lower than what D&D are making, then it seems like they probably would have been willing to take a paycut. It's not like they'd be going elsewhere and getting the same or more money.

Obviously, I have no idea what went on, but I can't believe they wouldn't have talked to them in person and discussed the situation vs. just firing them if he wanted to keep them on Days.

Corday is an idiot.
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