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Nov 19 2008, 07:21 AM
Nov 19 2008, 03:28 AM
Well, maybe it's because their characters are allowed to explore other relationships. They aren't locked into supercouples. Their fans don't always call for the same old stories and, thus, the writers aren't so limited. Not just that but they have a network behind them that supports them. Y&R has a great lead-in with TPIR and that sets up B&B with a great lead-in in Y&R. Not only that but, with the exception of LML last year, they have a EP that doesn't interfere in the writing all the time (well, Brad Bell is HW and EP on B&B but I digress) and the shows commit to story and stick with it to the end.

Y&R and B&B attract alot of general fans. Fans who watch merely for drama. You don't see that many supercouple fanbases at Y&R and they aren't quite so vocal either. How many times have Victor/Nikki split and moved on? Sharon/Nick? They just tell good stories. Period. They don't worry about what fans think all the time. They tell the story and hope the fan comes for the ride and, most times, they do. That is what soaps used to be. Days in the 80's and 90's was just like that. It just went for whatever story brought the drama, not what pleased fanbase A and fanbase B or fans of this person or fans of that person.
I am rather tired of fanbases being blamed for everything.

I've been a fan for a long time. Devoted fan since 86.

I threw things at the tv when Roman came back, and the Roman I loved was gone. I remember all of my friends being just as upset as I was. We tuned out. Then we tuned back in after we chilled. Writers didn't say, oops, that's the story I want to tell, but it bothers J&M fans so we'll fix things.

I hated Marlena going back to Roman after the affair, the writers didn't care. They focused on their job. Good story telling.

I couldn't believe after MB, they had John still in love with Kristen. Ridiculous. Guess what, the writers still wrote THEIR stories (thank goodness).

After Possession, SURELY J&M would realize what they mean to each other. NADA....

After Aremid, FINALLY they knew but now they were both stupid.... sigh, but Ok, I was cursing the writers but still glued to the tv because those darn pesky stupid writers had me right where they wanted me. Sure I was furious and yelling at the tv. But I rushed home those days when I thought something might happen. They dragged it out to the point where I started not caring, then threw the Secret Room at me. Vicious evil sadistic writers. I LOVED them!!!

I hated Marlena and John having trouble over all the Gina/Hope/merc John story. I was so mad on their honeymoon, I ranted all over the house and vowed never to watch again. Looking back, it's one of my favorite stories. Sure, I hated elements of it, but some of it was amazing. The John backstory was awesome. John and Stefano were riveting in their scenes. Marlena/Bo/Hope/John were all amazing. No wonder these vets have hung around. They are talented and have great chemistry together. So did I rant and rave during this story? All the time. But the writers stuck to their story for the most part.

I do agree that when writers start reacting prematurely to any risk to fans vs. writing what they know are good stories, it's a problem, but how do you blame a fan for feeling like they do? Just because I want J&M to be happy, doesn't mean you have to write lollipop stories that give that to me. I really don't want boring stories, but I love to rant at good stories.

There is plenty to write for J&M. We just don't have writers or producers or whatever that are willing to anymore.

I refuse to feel guilty for throwing popcorn at Kristen every time I saw her back in 96.

I think you make the point of what true fans are though. I too have watched since 1986 when RoJohn and Marlena first hooked me. Evee when we cringed or cried with our characters because of what they were going thorugh, we never turned the sets off. I haed Roman when he came back in 92. I did not stop watching. I hated Kristen in 94 to 96, but I never stopped watching. I loved to hate that witch. Some of J&M's best scenes were those when Kristen and John were together and all J&M could do was long for each other via looks.

What has made fans stop watching over the years is the ridiculous story lines that went too far, not including possession, which I and many others simply loved, understanding that some detested it. Ratings note however that fans did not leave in droves in 95 during possession. Fans began to complain with Princess Gina & Pawn, Brady v. Marlena with John as the a-hole in the background, SSK was great until everyone came back, Melaswen was a hot mess, and only to be followed by Alex North. Instead of stepping back and saying how can we create more mature and relevant stories for vets so they support the youth, TPTB big idea was to bb J&M and Bope from January 07 to June 07 and then brought them back to read letters that changed the history of a vendetta that they all lived through.

The fans were not indecisive, but the writers and Ken Corday sure were. You can't through garbage at people who were used to quality and expect them to accept it. What did Days believe J&M fans would do for six months while our favs were bb and in a coma? Did TPTB believe that watching people, even georgeous people we love, reading letters were riveting television? Blaming consumers for not buying an inferior product from slum lords is absolutely unacceptable.

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