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Viewing Single Post From: Deidre,Drake and the rest off the cast reaction

Nov 19 2008, 04:50 AM
Nov 19 2008, 12:41 AM
When Deidre is finally done at Days, I hope she does an exclusive interview with one of the magazines just completely ripping Corday to shreds. I know that's not a very Deidre-like thing to do, but she's spent years being nothing but gracious and helping Corday to promote the show's crap stories. I hope she really lets loose and tells it how it is about Corday and what a colossal idiot he is.
Fuck "one of the magazines" - she should go all out and try and do Oprah! The Oprah Show should totally do a show on how soaps are DYING...to keep it relevant. Oprah did used to watch AMC I think, so ya know, might count for something. Whatever, it should be a TV interview with someone!

And have DH rip Corday and the show to shreds lol. Would LOVE it.
When Deidre returned in 91, Oprah had her on and said that Days jumped from number NINE to number TWO.
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