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Nov 18 2008, 09:04 PM
I can understand why Deidre is ticked off!! For God's sake this a a woman who has never said a bad word about the writing, Corday or this show since she started back in 1976 (I think that's when she started). Then she gets FIRED??? WHAT A SLAP IN HER FACE. Deidre needs to just pack up her stuff kick Ken Corday in the nuts shove all of the shit she doesn't want to take with her up his ass and move on to another show!!! This is just sickening what has happened to her.
you are so right!! she should just get out of there and let them figuire it out without her. I for one hope they just cancel the show since most of us won't be watching it any more after they are gone.

I have watched this show since day one and when dee started in 76 she took this show by storm, she has a huge fan base and when she is gone we are gone. I stopped watching in 87 when she left the first time and did not return until 91 when she came back. there will not longer be ra eason for me to continue to watch this show without her and drake so bye bye Days for me!!!
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