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Summary of article:

(Picture of Drake and Deidre, inset picture of Corday).

The article states there is good news and bad news. The good news is that NBC has renewed Days, and Corday says he is very happy, because there was a period of time where he really didn't know if that was going to happen. He is grateful to NBC for "keeping the faith" in the show.

The bad news is that, as SOD puts it, "superstars Deidre Hall and Drake Hogestyn will be leaving." Corday says the renewal is at a 40% reduced fee. Because of that, he has to "retool" the show. He says he's not making a cheaper show, but perhaps even a better show. He says the business world today is just like that, and that this will take "cooperation" from everyone.

Then Corday says (as was quoted on the SOD site): "The couple will be happily reunited after a long period of angst and separation and will be off-screen after January for an unknown period of time." Corday says it was not an easy decision and that Drake and Deidre have been "wonderful for a long time". The decision isn't related to their work - he calls them "brilliant" and mentions their many fans. He reminds us that the characters are not dead and that characters have returned before on Days.

Corday then goes on to discuss the rest of the cast. He says there will be other cuts and that production is going to be "downsized" as well. The cast will need to "cooperate economically", and if they don't, then recasts are possible. He says that everyone is a spoke in the wheel, and the center of the wheel is the hourglass. There is nothing he can do about the budget issues. He says (as the SOD website quoted) that this is the "darkest period" he's ever gone through, and it's so hard for him since this is affecting people he's worked with for so long. "How can something be more difficult, except for them?"

In the last paragraph Corday relates that Days will come out better after this transition period is over.
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