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Nov 19 2008, 09:26 AM
The bad news is that, as SOD puts it, "superstars Deidre Hall and Drake Hogestyn will be leaving." Corday says the renewal is at a 40% reduced fee. Because of that, he has to "retool" the show. He says he's not making a cheaper show, but perhaps even a better show. He says the business world today is just like that, and that this will take "cooperation" from everyone.
As I've mentioned before, I read somewhere that the money from SOAPnet is poured into DAYS' budget. If SOAPnet doesn't renew DAYS' same-day licensing agreement(and at the rate SOAPnet is going, this is SO likely), I wonder if this will also take a toll on the budget as well.


He reminds us that the characters are not dead and that characters have returned before on Days.
By that point, it will be too late. The damage will have already been done.

Did this guy take a look at what happened to GL after the show killed off Phillip and got rid of the vets on that show? That was a loss they could never recover from, even during short ratings gains.

This is, again, Corday making a ballsy decision he can't stick to.
Corday then goes on to discuss the rest of the cast. He says there will be other cuts and that production is going to be "downsized" as well.
Are they going to move to a smaller stage? Shrink their sets? More location shoots?

I think it's time for them to bring Salem Place out of retirement as their "Main Street" set, but I digress. This thread is about lynching Ken Corday.
The cast will need to "cooperate economically", and if they don't, then recasts are possible.
Why is he making threats like this in a MAGAZINE about his own cast? This does nothing to boost the morale over there at all. It sounds like he is holding them hostage with his cooperation bullshit.
There is nothing he can do about the budget issues.
Of course not. Because of your interference, mismanagement, and your constant hardon for all things Dena "the event planner" Higley, DAYS is in the economic strife that it's in right now.

In the last paragraph Corday relates that Days will come out better after this transition period is over.
I have faith in Chris Whitesell and Gary Tomlin, because their track record indicates they like fun, adventure, and camp with location shoots and bright "Paul Rauch"-esque lighting galore. What I DON'T have faith in is Corday's interference and Dena's "events."

If Corday really wants to save this show, he will step back, stop being everyone's friend, and allow Tomlin and Whitesell the free reign to carry out the bloodbath and then do what they do best: make soaps splashy and interesting.
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