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It sounds like he doesn't want to take responsibility for his actions as usual. He was forced to do it. waaaaaaaaaa.

Why not cut Dr. Dan, Payla, Stephano, (since he is now just a senile interior decorator) etc. etc. Cut your own salary fuckwad. Doesn't this man realize that these two people are now out of work in a bad economy? Working there must be an extremely demoralizing experience. Do they get a gold-plated watch for putting up with all of his mismanagement over the years. Anybody that believes his lies that he is coming back is stupid. He is just trying to take the heat off of himself. The show sucks so bad now I barely care. Maybe that was the whole Idea. Pound the show deeper and deeper into the shitter so that people are so disgusted that they don't care that it goes off the air. The show sucks. Marlena and RoboJohn (What happened to his witty one liners? ) had a lot of potential. Alas, another s/l completely blown by Higley the Hag. The whole thing sucks.
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