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i too wish that dena had gone, but that wouldn't have saved them money--it would have cost them even more. if they can her, they still have to pay her, if i'm not mistaken. the damage was done back when corday chose to hire a failing soap writer that has been fired from other shows numerous times for bad ratings and stories. if i'm not mistaken, her stint at oltl wasn't her first catastrophic failure being a head writer.

that being said, i still want the show on the air. if corday had come out in SOD and told everyone days was being canned because they didn't want to fire any vets, i'm not going to lie, i'd be ticked off about that, but then again, i'm not as huge of a j&m fan as others are.

i expect to see tony, anna, steve, kayla, stefano and maybe some others go. stories have been set up where both lucas and ej could leave the show without much effect. lexie and abe could also easily be canned, but i doubt that since they are part of dena's autism storyline.
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