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I just can't wrap my mind around why Corday fired Drake and Deidre first. There are so many others who could have and should have gone first, and he could have avoided all of this negative reaction. Kate, Daniel, Steve, Kayla, Tony, Roman...they could have been let go and most fans would have understood. Some would have been unhappy and disappointed about it, but I think most would understand that they have been underused for a long time and for the good of the show, it needed to happen. Max could go, too, as he's running out of relatives to date. Lucas and Chloe could go next, if more cuts are needed. I realize everyone I've mentioned has fans who would be upset if they were fired, and all of these people also need to work to support themselves and their families, but from the standpoint of saving the show it would make much more sense than to fire John and Marlena right off the bat. They should NOT have been the first to be fired, and with every day that passes, I'm becoming angrier about it rather than calming down and accepting it. This was a major mistake from a man who has made many mistakes in his career.
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