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I think you are right jane, and it's something that (understandably) people are losing sight of. Depending on where the contract cycles are, it wouldn't make economic sense to cut certain people right now. They'd still have to be paid through the end of the next cycle. Drake's contract is up in January and I presume Dee is on a six month cycle which would be up in January, or maybe February. So, by sending them off in January, the show only maybe has to pay Dee another month.

I fully expect other cuts to come as the contract cycles come up. That's why Corday is talking about how hard the next 5 months will be.

Just for the record, I'm not necessarily supporting his decision. Just expanding on why I think the decision came as quickly as it did for Dee and Drake and a possible reason why other cuts did not come first. It's possible that when these other contracts cycle through and the cast is significantly trimmed, he might bring Dee and Drake back if they can make the numbers work. But I do believe the reality is that he had to trim the budget immediately and because of the way the contract cycles work, he'd couldn't just fire a bunch of other people to keep Dee and Drake. He would have still had to pay those folks for a least a few months, most likely. And that wouldn't have done anything to help the budget.
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