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will be off-screen after January for an unknown period of time

Umm... I hope that means forever. I NEVER want to Deidre Hall return to this piece of shit, worthless show that shoved her aside when SOO many others should have been gone before her. She put in half her life to DAYS...that's longer than I've even been ALIVE.

I want her to get on primetime or Y&R (something, even if it's short term) and STICK. IT. TO. THEM. Corday may think everyone is just going to come crawling back, but seriously, I hope she proves otherwise.

And 40% budget cut? That is a lot. But even if it was an increased budget, that doesn't change the fact that there is mismanagement. Someone said that Y&R's budget is approx. 1.3/mill a week and so was DAYS up until recently...that's embarrassing that Y&R can run and operate a show, using ALL of their vets CONSISTENTLY, much better production and story on a very close budget to what shitty DAYS was putting out there.
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