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This day had to come eventually anyway. I just envisioned it as moving J&M to the backburner but I guess you can say they've been doing that slowly with some resurgence here and there since JER left in 1997.

You can't rely on the same characters over and over. I mean, that is a big reason why there is no suspense. You've been there, done that.
Uh, then why does Y&R and B&B and other soaps rely on the same characters over and over? Y&R especially seems to do well keeping their vets frontburner, and staying on top.
Well, maybe it's because their characters are allowed to explore other relationships. They aren't locked into supercouples. Their fans don't always call for the same old stories and, thus, the writers aren't so limited. Not just that but they have a network behind them that supports them. Y&R has a great lead-in with TPIR and that sets up B&B with a great lead-in in Y&R. Not only that but, with the exception of LML last year, they have a EP that doesn't interfere in the writing all the time (well, Brad Bell is HW and EP on B&B but I digress) and the shows commit to story and stick with it to the end.

Y&R and B&B attract alot of general fans. Fans who watch merely for drama. You don't see that many supercouple fanbases at Y&R and they aren't quite so vocal either. How many times have Victor/Nikki split and moved on? Sharon/Nick? They just tell good stories. Period. They don't worry about what fans think all the time. They tell the story and hope the fan comes for the ride and, most times, they do. That is what soaps used to be. Days in the 80's and 90's was just like that. It just went for whatever story brought the drama, not what pleased fanbase A and fanbase B or fans of this person or fans of that person.
It is PURE BULLSHIT to say that fans keep calling for the same stories, to say that having supercouples is a negative thing and that that somehow limits what a writer can do. That thinking is what has destroyed this show. The same creative bankruptcy that says that you can't marry a couple on a soap because that spells storyline dead zone. But ask any fan and they can come up with all kinds of story.

It not so much that you can't have supercouples it's a matter of having too many at one time. For one thing they have bigger salaries than most and there is just not enough screen time for each supercouple to be front burner. Or to have indepth storylines or different storylines for that matter ... how many times does Hope need to be kidnapped? How many times do these supercouples need to remarry??? They break up, they make up, they break-up, they make up over and over again. Currently there are too many on Days!
It's not the supercouple's fault that the writers can't come up with anything but repeated kidnappings and remarriages. I agree there are too many currently on the show. S&K don't have a story so perhaps they should have been the ones cut, along with other characters. You just don't cut your biggest star.
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