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Nov 19 2008, 07:54 AM
I've always said, if I wanted to watch Y&R, I'd watch Y&R. I chose to watch Days because Days had John and Marlena and not only that, it was how they were written. They were nice people. They tried to do the right thing. They made mistakes and paid for them and always took responsibility. Whether they were together or apart, they were best friends and cared deeply for each other. Days was unique. Days had a unique audience. Yes, many have stopped watching, but maybe that's because TPTB didn't appreciate the audience they had, who knows. Believe me, if Days had been written like Y&R, I wouldn't still be around. I watched Y&R for a few years, got fed up and turned it off. Days was my kind of soap opera. And no, I didn't ask to be a fan, it just happened and I never watched out of habit. And I never asked for the same old stories. All I wanted was to recognize the characters I fell in love with.
Well said!
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