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Well, if each were making $2M a year, then it truly was wasted money. Heck, even anything north of $1M in this "new business environment" is a bit much. And also a no-brainer that they were let go.

Let's say they were given 2-day-a-week guarantees. That works out to 100 episodes -- or $10,000-20,000 per work day. Compare that to a newbie runs less than $1000 a day per the AFTRA contract.

Granted, both were used heavily in early 2008 (Dee 113 episodes YTD, Drake 126 YTD), but the past couple years have been pretty much twice-a-week.

Dee had 81 episodes in 2007. Drake had 49.
Dee had 105 episodes in 2006. Drake 111.

Now, perhaps $1M for a four-day-a-week would be more in line (making it only $5000 per day of work). Personally, I could handle seeing Marlena four days a week. But I recall how irate many were when Dee appeared for 30+ consecutive days to start 2008.

And I would be so totally on board for a dozen cast members all appearing four days a week instead of thirty "cast members". Integrate main characters into all stories and stunt-cast, day-player, recur the rest.

I listened to the entire podcast. Quite honestly, it was pretty much a squeal of hyperactive banshees. Is it "big news"? Sure, it is. Am I miffed? Absolutely. But the world is not going to end because the DH's will not be on our screen for 100 days a year.

There are worse things to worry about with this show. Like the misogyny reeking from today's show.

#1. Stephanie gets a call from "Nick's Phone". But Big Tough Kiriakis has to grab the phone from her and listen himeslef because the poor little girly-wirly apparently has no ears or brain.

#2. Newly rich Lucas Horton buys a house for his doesn't-know-it-yet bride to be. ABC soap "Brothers And Sisters" just did a show about how cruel and controlling this behavior is.

Sometimes I wonder who the women are who write this show. Are they all living in 1950 with bouffant upswept do's, waiting for their man to rescue them from a mouse......?

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