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I disagree a bit about the "heroine" part. She's 61 now. That doesn't necessarily have to be grandmother or great-grandmother material, but "heroine"? Not quite anymore.

Dee is actually best when she is evil and bitchy. Someone else commented that James Reilly saw that and wrote to that. While some fans were horrified and left the show, face it, nearly every American with a TV knew that "Marlena was the devil". Of course, they weren't all viewers, but it seeped out into the general pre-TMZ, early-internet world. Jay Leno joked about it.

She also shined when she was locked away with Kristen, snarking back. Sometimes, Marlena and Kristen had better chemistry than either of them had with John.

And she also was wonderful in her "killing spree", especially her hospital scenes with TonyAndre, her cemetary smackdown with 80-something Doug, and her kitchen peek-a-boo with 90-something Alice.

When Dee was away from DOOL in the late 80s (early 90s?), she was on a 7-episode story arc for the crime drama Wiseguy, where she played a boob-jobbed, plastic aging bimbette wife of a record company executive. She snarked big time with Tim Curry and Debbie Harry. Her character died while having wild sex with a young rocker. They both crashed through a skylight while getting it on.

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