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Nov 19 2008, 06:24 PM
Clearly, we both like her. I suppose I am more Alexis Colby and you are more Krystle Carrington. I am more AbbyFairgate, while you may prefer KarenMcKenzie.

If I want to watch steely heroic women, I will switch over to LifetimeMovieChannel. After all, DOOL isn't exactly good at creating/maintaining that archetype

I think that a sixtysomething woman should be strong and sympathetic. She shouldn't gasp when a man takes a shine to her or her stepson appears at the door. She shouldn't be full-on beeyatch either, but the times are few over the past several years where she was strong and tough and not mooning over her man.

That's mostly bad writing and bad storytelling more than acting choices

I only liked Krystle early one when she was strong. And I loved Pam early on when she was strong.

Loved Karen and loved Abby except when she she kidnapped the twins, out of character

neer liked lifetime.

And Deidre has sometimes had bad habits working so long on Days.

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