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Okay we are already losing Drake and Deidre, I don't want this a discussion about that..But we are bound to lose more...Which actors are the best choices to get cut based on potential storylines, fan reaction, and salary??????

Here are my picks...
1. Josh Taylor- He hasn't been used for years..The fact that he's been Corday's friend has saved his butt before..But Corday just had to fire Deidre Hall..If he can fire her, he can fire a friend...Roman is really a character that would work better as a recurring character anyways..Use him for holidays, weddings, and big events in Sami's life..Bo and Hope can take care of the police business..
2. Thaao Penglis- I really enjoy Tony, but they've basically paid him all year to do nothing (minus a few great weeks of material during the lockdown storyline..Its time to send Tony and Anna packing around the world...He's a vet so he probably makes pretty good money, and the backlash wouldn't be that huge..
3. Leann Hunley- not contract, so she's not hurting the salary..But she should be written out with Tony.
4. Bryan Datillo- He's been a great asset to the show for years, but he's really not needed anymore..Especially with James Scott, Eric Martsolf, and Galen Garing now on the show...Killing Lucas off when Alison Sweeney gets back from maternity leave would be a great idea and it could lead to Will's return..As i do think Will could be a potential love interest for Melanie..
5. Darin Brooks- Out of the younger group he's the least talented...And i really want Jay and Blake to stay over him..Sadly that probably won't happen...Ideally, i want Phillip and Stephanie..And a Nick, Melanie, and Chelsea storyline...
6. Shawn Christian- I'm sure he's not expensive, but his character has been a dud since the beginning..Plus we've had enough medical stories this year that i would be fine not having any for a long time..
7. Stephen Nichols- With John and Marlena leaving, i hope we don't have to lose Patch and Kayla right now as well...I would actually like them to split the year..Have Drake and Deidre offscreen and contract the first half..Then bring them back in the summer and take Stephen and Mary Beth off contract during the last half....but they aren't using Steve and Kayla and have paid them not to work this whole last half of the year..What a waste of money....Either use them or can them..
8. Mary Beth Evans- same as above...
9. Nadia B.- I'm torn over this one..On one aspect i like Chloe and they could use her with Brady even after writing Lucas out..But a Sami, Nicole, Ej, and Brady storyline would be sufficient enough..I wouldn't mind Nadia leaving if we could then keep Kate..

Who does that leave?

Bo, Hope
Abe, Lexie
Sami, Rafe, Nicole, EJ, and Brady
Nick, Melanie, Chelsea, Phillip (hopefully Jay stays), and Stephanie
Kate, Stefano (have these two interact)
Victor, Caroline, Maggie, Mickey, Doug and Julie
and if it could get worked out: Steve and Kayla the first half of the year, then John and Marlena the second half..
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