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It's just like what a poster said on an another soap blog that the fans just have to be "realistic" about this whole thing because all these vets in daytime should be lucky that the execs are allowing them to stay or still be on a soap for so long now and being able to still get paid the money they're getting (despite pay cuts.)

But now, things are changing so much so in daytime that if we, as fans, of this genre want to see it survive, then I prefer having any high cost vets replaced by a newer or cheaper actor.

I like said many times before, the online soap fans and the industry itself live too much off the golden age of soaps in the 1980's through the 1990's that the industry quit evolving.

Now, the beginning of the end of daytime genre is slowly happening. Will there be soaps on the air in a couple of years from now? Maybe in someway, but not the way they're doing them now...
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