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Nov 19 2008, 08:38 PM
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Nov 19 2008, 08:21 PM
Thats great about Peter and Kristian, Jay ;) Did they even offer Deidre or Drake a paycut?
Let's put it this way - when both have taken paycuts in the past, and when Drake tells his fanclub president that Ken Corday called him at home to tell him that his services were no longer needed, and when Deidre has said, oh, about 400 times that she'll be at Days till it's off the air - I think we can conclude that the answer is no.
He may have mentioned it to them before last weekend or they may have at least talked about it.

Maybe he was told to get rid of one supercouple. I'm not excusing Corday or the show but we don't know what is being said. Sure, we have our theories but there isn't enough detail out there to suggest one way or the other, really.
No there isn't Pheonix, But when a proven liar makes vague statements, my brain just seems to kick in and says all is not what is seems here. Nothing the Ken has said in say the last 7 to 10 years has been true. Excuse me for not giving him the benefit of the doubt. Some just get tired of the double, back and mis-talk!

Trust me, it is not a mistake that two top people get fired and all else just agree to what ever management wants. I am a part of executive management and this is strategy! Its called scare tactics!
And you very well could be right.

I don't like Corday either. The guy is a incompetent, lying asshole. However, he is also human and I also don't think he is that stupid not to at least mention the same sort of pay cut to Drake and Dee before axing them. The only way I can see him not even discussing it with them is if he was told they had to go and he had no wiggle room. Yes, it's his show but, as I said, he caves to influence. He caves to pressure so, when backed into a corner, he may have went ahead with it.

All I'm saying is no one knows. Not saying anyone is right or wrong.
I don't think Drake or Deidre were given the option, because if they had been, they wouldn't have been 'fired'. And I do think someone knows.... some executives at NBC know.
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