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Nicole is at the lodge with stomach cramps. She can't get in touch with EJ because he is headed to Argentina with Stefano, so she calls Brady. His is the first number that she finds in her purse. Brady comes to the cabin to see what is wrong with her.

Brady finds her hemorrhaging so he takes her to the nearby clinic where she is tended by Dr. Baker (John Callahan). She is crying, in pain, and passes out. Nicole implores the doctor to save her unborn daughter. Nicole is kind of delusional and thinks the baby will be fine. Until, the pain hits. Nicole miscarries the baby. AZ says they left the camera on and she just sobbed. After Nicole passes out she has a dream that they are handing her her little girl. The doctor suggests that Brady be the one to tell Nicole that she lost the baby. So, he has to come in and tell her. James Scott says the everyone needs to watch the scenes. He saw part of it and said Ari was phenomenal and some of the best work he has seen on the show.

EJ calls her but she lets the phone ring; she doesn't know what to tell him. Brady takes her back to the mansion and tries to console her, but she wants to be alone. She wants to figure out what to tell EJ. She thinks if she tells him that she lost the baby that he will leave her. She thinks he is only with her because of the baby and that they don't actually have a relationship. JS thinks that EJ would stand by her. He says it is a serious relationship and has as much standing as any relationship with Sami ever had.

When EJ comes home, Nicole keeps quiet. She doesn't have the nerve to tell him and is waiting for the right moment. She tells him she had a little scare, but everything is fine. But, EJ doesn't let it rest and calls the doctor at the clinic. He is concerned about her safety and the safety of their child. This is the most important relationship he has had since Sami, and he believes it can be more important by circumstance since he and Sami never really had a chance. Sami is the girl that he forced himself on and impregnated and it defined their relationship. He still has some feelings for Samantha, but he has to decide if he is ready for the next big commitment; which is to tell Nicole that he loves her and marry her.

Sami is dealing with some baby drama of her own; as in what she is going to do with the baby she is carrying. She is trying to figure out a way to protect this baby from living the life of the DiMera's. She sneaks out of the safe house to a nearby church. Rafe had told her that it used to be an orphanage when he was a kid. She goes there to see what is possible and what is out there, she doesn't really know what the endgame of this is. Once there, she encounters a nun and Sami tells her that her name is Colleen. She does that because there is a killer after her and her real name is probably out there. She asks them if they take kids now. She hatches a plan at the church, but it is pretty vague at this point. She knows she needs help. Ali is enthusiastic about what lies ahead. She says it is a good story setup and intriguing to read in the scripts.
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