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If I were in charge of Days of our Lives, I would cut the following, along with Deidre Hall and Drake Hogestyn, because personally, I think that's a smart move.

1. Deidre Hall - Smart move. She probably makes the most out of any other cast member. They're not writing for Marlena, and when they do, the writing is horrible. It's a waste to have her talent be wasted.

2. Drake Hogestyn - While I was happy he came back earlier this year, after seeing the horrible story he's been involved in this year, I wish they would've kept him dead. Like Hall, the writers can't seem to write a decent storyline for him. They don't seem committed, and it's hurting the character. I'm sure he took a paycut when he returned earlier this year, but he probably still has a big salary. Like Hall, it's a smart decision, financially.

3. Shawn Chistian - He's new to the cast, and the character hasn't had that big of an impact that he'll be missed if he's no longer involved in storylines. Daniel is not a character that's needed right now.

4. Galen Gerring - We have enough established characters that need work on before you should go and start creating new characters, that will need help being developed. I would continue to use Gerring as Rafe until Sweeney really leaves for her maternity leave. At that point, I would end the safe house storyline, or at least, end us watching it. Maybe have Sami moved to another safehouse in another town because the killer has found her. That would get Sweeney off the show, and Gerring could be released because he's clearly not needed.

5. Lauren Koslow - After this cancer storyline, do you honestly think that she's going to get a real storyline other than interferring with her children's lives? No way! They can go about writing Kate off two ways. One way is to have Kate go into remission and be cancer free. Daniel and Kate have fallen in love through this ordeal and Daniel gets a job offer at another hospital to do research, and Kate decides to follow him so they can stay together. The second option is to kill Kate off. It would be such a major blow to her children. It could help strengthen Lucas and Chloe's romance because Chloe would be there for Lucas. It would give meaning for their romance, almost. It could also do wonders for Philip and Stephanie's potential love. You could have Philip, upset over his mother's death, turn to a dark place, much like Victor used to be, and you would have Stephanie there to bring him back to the light. I would kill her off if I was writing.

6. Thaao Penghlis - He's not needed, and hasn't been needed since the Andre storyline ended. What are the purpose of he and Leann Hunley staying on the show and getting paid for nothing? Penghlis gets a salary, while Hunley gets paid to make recurring apparences where she just stands there and gives advice or adds a few one liners. And recently, she hasn't even been doing that. I can't even remember the last time we saw Anna. Was it during the DiMera dinner party when Stefano confronted Marlena? I think so. Have Tony and Anna travel around the world.

7. Josh Taylor - His exit has been so many years late. Like Kate, they're never going to write an actual storyline for Roman. What's the point of keeping him? With John and Marlena gone, he really has nothing to do besides be Sami's father and a cop. Sami's a very established character that doesn't need her parents in town to continue to be on the show. And Bo and Hope are cops, so Roman's not needed. He's not even commissioner. Why is he still here? I say kill Roman off in the line of duty or something.

Those seven right there would have to lighten the budget because I'm sure all seven of them are getting paid big bucks. Christian couldn't have been cheap give his popularity in daytime. Gerring was the star of PSNS for it's entire 9 years. He can't be cheap either. Hall, Hogestyn, Koslow, Penghlis and Taylor are all vets. They have to be making a pretty penny.

I don't think anyone else would need to leave.

Bo and Hope are needed because they're popular characters, and if they're not going to given a storyline, they can always fulfil their roles as the town cops.

I would keep all of the younger actors. Max, Chelsea, Nick, Stephanie and Melanie can stay. I wouldn't even go for a triangle between Nick, Chelsea and Melanie. I would move Melanie out of their orbit. I would have Chelsea be the one that brings Nick back to sanity, with the help of a psychiatrist. Nick and Chelsea would then be a couple. Stephanie would be involved with Philip. That leaves Max and Melanie. I would bring back two characters with history on the show for these two. For Max, of course, I would bring back the character of Abby. She's quite connected on the show, and she's a Horton. If we can't get Ashley Benson back, recast the role with a newbie that's cheap. For Melanie, I would bring back Will. Both of his parents are still on the show, and with John and Marlena leaving the show, and I would also have Roman leave the show, then Sami needs some family and it would be great to have her son back. I would have him return as a 16 year old that gets involved with older Melanie and she gets him into some trouble.

I'm a Lucas and Chloe fan, so I would continue their romance and keep both Bryan Dattilo and Nadia Bjorlin on the cast.

When I first heard that Hall and Hogestyn were fired, my first thought was, 'How do Mary Beth Evans and Stephen Nichols still have jobs?' But after thinking about it, I would actually keep Evans and Nichols over Hall and Hogestyn. Both actors are cheaper than Hall and Hogestyn. And there are storyline potentials still for both. I would totally involve them and Victor into Philip and Stephanie's potential romance storyline. That's just history gold right there.

Of course I would keep Jay Kenneth Johnson. He's Philip, and he has potential to be an ultimate villain, just like his daddy!

I would keep Renee Jones, Joseph Mascolo and James Reynolds, definitely. I've fallen in love with the autism storyline, and I love the little actor playing Theo. It's been awesome seeing Abe and Lexie in a real storyline. And while, at first, I was thinking that Mascolo should go with Hall and Hogestyn gone, I would keep him as Stefano and involve him in Abe and Lexie's story. That could be the conflict between the Carvers. No one wants to see Lexie cheat on Abe again. I would rather see Lexie's love for her father come in to play and be what creats tension in the Carver's marriage. And I want a damn Stefano and Theo scene, damn it!

I would keep Eric Martsolf as Brady. Unlike Gerring, Martsolf is playing a character that has ties to the show. That's needed. And Brady can continue to be involved with Nicole/EJ/Sami. I would keep him out of Lucas and Chloe's orbit.

Of course I'm going to keep Peggy McCay, Frances Reid and Suzanne Rogers. Not even a though to get rid of these three ever entered my mind. I wouldn't drop them to recurring either. I would actually use them as much as I could since they're on a salary and I don't want to waste their talent, meaning wasting money.

James Scott, Alison Sweeney and Arianne Zucker would be safe. I would continue the triangle with Brady involved. EJ and Sami would be the end game couple, while Nicole is the roadblock, and Brady gets caught up in Nicole's deception, all while falling in love with her and wanting her to see that he's available and EJ isn't all that.

So this would be my contract cast list after I'm all done.

Kristian Alfonso - Hope Brady
Blake Berris - Nick Fallon
Nadia Bjorlin - Chloe Lane
Darin Brooks - Max Brady
Molly Burnett - Melanie Layton
Bryan Dattilo - Lucas Roberts
Mary Beth Evans - Kayla Johnson
Shelley Henning - Stephanie Johnson
Jay Kenneth Johnson - Philip Kiriakis
Renee Jones - Lexie Carver
Eric Martsolf - Brady Black
Joseph Mascolo - Stefano DiMera
Peggy McCay - Caroline Brady
Rachel Melvin - Chelsea Brady
Stephen Nichols - Steve Johnson
Peter Reckell - Bo Brady
Frances Reid - Alice Horton
James Reynolds - Abe Carver
Suzanne Rogers - Maggie Horton
James Scott - EJ DiMera
Alison Sweeney - Sami Brady
Arianne Zucker - Nicole Walker

And two actors to be named to play Abby Deveraux and Will Roberts.
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