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Nov 19 2008, 10:56 PM
^ That's right, Mason. Unforunately, if I were in charge of DAYS, I would have a business to run, and I can't take into effect these personal things because every actor you cut could use that excuse. How do we know Josh Taylor doesn't need the medical insurance? Everyone's real quick to get rid of him without thinking about him losing insurance.

I feel bad for Rogers, but she's had to have saved up a lot of money from her time on DAYS, I think she'll be well off into retirment.
I do agree with you. However, I do think vets like Suzanne and Peggy only are guaranteed a certain amount of appearances so I don't think their contracts hurt the budget much, if at all. Their contracts are merely paper to make sure the show holds up to their end of he bargain as far as them getting the set number of appearances. It's basically recurring with a piece of paper.

Since both have contracts up next year, they will probably cut down their promised appearances. Just look at the numbers the last few years and Peggy and Suzanne usually get around 50-60 overall. That may be cut down to about 30. Not to mention both would probably take salary cuts to just to stay on board. I heard Peggy did that in 2004 when she returned during Melaswen. She took a pay cut. She just wanted to remain on contract. I suspect Suzanne is the same way.

You have a point though. We don't know what everyone's situations is and, while I understand the loyalty argument, this is a business. I was promoted to upper management earlier this year at the company I work for. I didn't want it because I can't stand hiring and firing, which is part of my job now. I get to be the fall guy for the higher ups and I also have to help balance a budget. Do you know how many people I had to lay off that had worked there for at least a decade? Some even for over 25 years. I had no choice and I had to put my feelings aside because there are others working at the company too and if we don't cut, the whole business could go under, especially now with the economy. Some I had to force pay cuts on and pretty much everyone took it. We had to negotiate but people valued their job and realized they had no choice.

Was there mismanagement by the higher ups? Sure. However, the situation is what it is. I know Corday is a screwup but the man is also human. We all make mistakes. Does that absolve him from everything? No. It doesn't. However, I can guarantee anyone in his position will make at least a few mistakes. Bosses in all forms of life do. I've made mistakes. It happens. I know we all have our favorites and those who are angry have a right to be but preferential treatment and loyalty kind of have to go out the window now. Regardless of how the show got to this point, it happened and the show is still doing reasonably ok as it's the only soap up this year in most numbers right now. It also still has many fans that will still tune in after D&D leave. Deidre Hall and Drake Hogestyn are NOT Days of our lives. No one is. They ALL are. It's a team. Always has been. When someone leaves, the others pick up the slack. It was that way in the 80's and in the 90's. You know how many times I saw characters or couples leave in the past 2 decades or more and feared for the show? The show made it through before and it can again. Does it mean it will this time? No. Nothing is certain but, if you think about it, J&M have been more off then on the past few years and it really did not impact the ratings at all. In the past two months, we've barely seen any vets and yet the show has either stayed the same in HH or gone up in demos. Doesn't mean it can't fail but the show has reasonable facts to back up doing this.

I hate that they did it. I really do. However, I can see the sense in it.
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