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The mayor's killer finds the safehouse and plans his invasion to kill Sami. Rafe and Sami have become somewhat friends thanks to Rafe's showing kindness and bringing photopraphs of Sami's children to the safehouse and setting up a Christmas tree for the holidays. When the killer breaks in, Rafe sends Sami into the bathroom and orders her to lock the door. From inside, Sami can hear the struggling and finally a gunshot! She looks through the crack in the door and sees Rafe laying on the ground, motionless. He's dead! The killer tries to get to Sami and breaks the door down. After chasing Sami around the room, he corners her in the closet and taunts her. Rafe manages to call Roman through his last breaths. Just when the killer is about to end Sami's life, Roman and other officers arrive and shoot the killer. He's still alive, as Roman wants him alive so that he can go to jail and they can find out who hired him to kill the mayor. In the end, Rafe is dead, and Roman notices Sami's stomach which is pretty big by now. Sami confesses to Roman that she's pregnant with EJ's child, but she kept it a secret because she doesn't want the child to be influenced by the DiMeras. Now that she's safe to walk the streets, Roman takes Sami to Marlena's and the three think of how to keep the DiMeras from finding out Sami is pregnant. They decide to send Sami to Denver with Marlena's parents, but someone else needs to be there to help Sami. Roman volunteers to move to Denver and take care of Sami until she gives birth and they figure out what to do next.

While recovering in the hospital from his bullet wound, the killer gets a visit from Stefano, and it's revealed that it was Stefano that hired the man to kill the mayor. Stefano orders the killer to keep his involvement a secret or else the killer's family will be in danger. The killer is going to jail, but wants his family to be taken care of. In return for his silence, Stefano promises to keep the killer's family well off, financially. The killer agrees to remain silent and is carted off to jail once he is fully recovered.

That would end the safehouse storyline. It gets rid of Josh Taylor and Galen Gerring, and gives Alison Sweeney a much-needed break as she goes on her maternity leave. More stories to come!
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