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I don't know if I have been watching the show closely enough to say what I would do right now, but click on the picture in my sig. LOL.

But I'd go out on a limb and try to guess.

All or any returns are clearly out of the question.

I would fire:

- Nick & Melanie, send them off into the sunset together as soon as possible,
- Stephanie, Steve, & Kayla - Max would stay in Salem, but the Johnsons would say goodbye and relocate back to San Diego, where I think Kayla came from.
- Dan - goodbye
- Rafe - goodbye
- Tony & Anna - Ride off into the Sunset as soon as possible, but hopefully after a serious, legitimate, compelling storyline.

Hopefully that would be enough to help the show budget wise for now.

I would then finally kill Mickey off in a tearjerking storyline involving his old age or his heart. Something that can be told over time and play out all of the beats of the dying process. Maggie/Suzanne would deal with all of that while struggling with falling off the wagon. New Mickey would be gone. Maggie would go through a storyline alone since no other Mickey will work anyway. The Horton's rally around her. Bring the Horton's back to the center of the show. (Even though there would be like none left at that point.)

Bring in a new, dirt cheap young guy who can act to play Jeremy and have him mix it up with Chelsea.

The Nicole/EJ/SamiLucas/Chloe/Philip/Morgan mess would end. I don't know if Morgan is still there. If she isn't, I'd bring her back and make her be a big southern belle bitch. I'd split the storyline into the foursome of Nic/Ej/Sami/Lucas, which, IMO, has a lot of potential but needs to be SCALED BACK BIG TIME!! And then the triangle of Phloe and Morgan with Phloe being the couple to root for, but Chloe would really need to be made to be likable again (or possibly for the first time, depending on who you ask.)

John, Marlena, Bo, and Hope need to go on a big adventure so I would have Shelle go missing or die or bring up a new secret from Hope and Marlena's pasts. Something that involves Stefano, possibly. It's all been done, but the show has been lacking a serious sense of adventure and suspense, and it needs to be injected into the show with these four.

I like the Carver's storyline with Theo so I would keep moving with that. Then, I would eventually have them ride off into the sunset for budget purposes.
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