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In order to save the show with a 40% decreased budget and when all soaps are in ratings decline and Days does not have the full support of it's hosting network, they just fired their signature actors and they have just about a year to do it .... it would take a miracle!

First off Days needs a "Buzz" - the firing of Dee and Drake will create a "Buzz" and if Dee and Drake would be understanding about this and when the media seeks them out on interviews perhaps if they are not bitter Dee and Drake could be Days cheerleadings instead. They could indicate that Days due to huge budget cuts is in a state of re-shuffling and that they hope that when the dust settles and they get the budget in line they will be asked back.

2nd I would recommend that at some point (not all at once) everyone all the actors and crew are fired and rehired under new contracts - this would allow the spread of cuts more evenly across the boards. Some may choose to leave at this point. TPTB must be prepared to lose actors and crew. This collective share the burden approach works well because it is preceived to be fair and there is choice involved. I would also like to see that if it can be scheduled that actors be allowed to do more outside projects. Cross promotion is never a bad thing and when a Days actors shows up on an episode of a show on primetime this is a good thing.

This is the time to cut the pork and to cut the dead weight. This will allow for those fireproof dead weight cast and crew members to be let go. Plus the perks have to be let go as well. Time to clean house.

Who I would put on re-occuring ....

Suzanne (Maggie) - and since she need health insurance maybe on a reduced contract
Renee (Lexie)
James R (Abe)
Peggy (Caroline)
Josh (Roman)
Lauren (Kate)
Thaao (Tony)
Ken (Mickey) is already on reoccuring
LeAnne (Anna) is already on reoccurring
John (Victor) is already on reoccuring

I would let go ....

Bryan (Lucas)
Rachel (Chelsea)
Blake (Nick)
Darin (Max)
Since Peter, Kristen and possibly Stephen and MBE are going to be taking huge cuts they may be will be used a whole lot less I say break up the couples have Bo and Kayla mysteriously disappear have Hope develop a relationship first professional with Rafe (GG) than personal.... Have Steve develop a relationship with this new phyciatrist, then later on perhaps we learn what happened to Bo and Kayla - they on on s/l and finally we get the supercouple reunion dealing with the aftermath and how could they move on issues....

Get rid of the college crew and bring on a new teen scene ... bring back Will and build it around him. Melanie could turn out to be Nicole's daughter, bring back Joy (Chloe's sister) soras Ciara and bring in a mystery kid who just happens to be another of one of EJ's love children - sure shot EJ struck again 16 years ago and produced a son who is now thee heir to the DiMera empire - the twist is he's a good kid the other twist is his mother is still in love with EJ after all these years.

Brady and Nicole pair up
Daniel and Chloe pair up
Stephanie and Phillip pair up
EJ and Sami pair up

Stefano dies but still remains and influence over EJ since he comes back in spirit to guide and control his son. EJ and Brady face off and fight for the right to control their grandfather's empire - both EJ and Brady are Santo's grandsons and Nicole seems to think that Brady should fight for the fortune since he is older and should be the heir apparent. The ever resourceful Sami vows to help EJ take down Brady and Nicole.

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