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After stopping John from shooting the mayor's killer and almost taking a bullet herself in the process, Marlena persuades him to psychiatric help. Deidre Hall discusses Marlena's neverending quest to save John.

SOW: What happens after John and the killer struggle and the gun goes off?

DH: Marlena goes down. It looks like she's been hit, but she hasn't. In the moment, John has a choice to make between saving Marlena or catching the gunman. He makes the choice to check on Marlena. In the meantime, the gunman runs away.

SOW: John is livid at Marlena for interfering, but she's just as angry at him. Why?

DH: You have two people who are very well intended who are at cross purposes. John wants to get the attacker, and Marlena wants to save John. John is about to shoot an unarmed man. Marlena knows he's in mercenary mode. She knows she's in controlled, defensive move and would shoot the attacker in cold blood. Marlena's concerned about John's future, about their future, if he done that.

SOW: So she would have preferred for John to have simply restrained the killer until the police arrived?

DH: Right. Now the killer has gotten away, so Sami remains in danger. And Marlena doesn't like seeing this other side of John, this mercenary side. It scares her, and it's something he's not willing to deal with.

SOW: After Bo and Hope investigate the incident, Marlena tells John and she and the family cannot be around him unless he gets professional help. How does she approach the subject?

DH: She just says, "We're done. You've shown you can be a loose cannon, and until you get help for this problem, I can't have my family around you."

SOW: Is John receptive to the idea of therapy?

DH: No, as usual. But then he comes around.

SOW: John realizes the significance of Marlena's ultimatum and agrees to one meeting with a psychiatrist. How does Marlena feel about that?

DH: She's thrilled! It's a step. It's John agreeing that he has a problem and knowing he has to get help for it, although he thinks he's beyond help.

SOW: Is Marlena inwordly hoping that one meeting with a psychiatrist could lead to more?

DH: Well, the therapist Marlena had in mind is a mentor of hers. Someone she knows who could deal with this issue. She tells John "If anybody can help you, this man can."

SOW: Are Marlena and John both happy with the agreement?

DH: Yes. Marlena is hoping that, with an objective party, John will become more aware that his responses are in the extreme, and those responses endanger him and everybody around him. She's hoping that by having that information revealed to him by a neutral source, somebody who's trained to help him through this kind of problem, he'll agree to more therapy, and hopefully, become the man she knew. She's always hoping to get that John back.
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