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After mustering bucketfuls of tears for Nicole's past miscarriage scenes, Arianne Zucker was all by her lonesome when the whole sound stage literally faded to black!

"Because I had to be very upset, I really went to my true self," shares Zucker. "I went to, 'Have I ever been in such pain? Have I ever had this fleeting, sobbing moment in my personal life?'" says Zucker, noting that her scene was the last one for the day. "At the end of it, they were holding the camera on me forever. I was sobbing completely, thinking, 'When are they going to turn the camera off?'"

At long last, they did. "I was done with that scene, but it takes a while to come out of that," reveals Zucker. "So I'm leaning over the bed crying, and they're like, 'That's a wrap. Thank you, everybody. Good night.' The lights went off and everyone dispersed, and I was still in bed sobbing, thinking, 'Where did everybody go?' They were all done for the day and wanted to go home."

Fortunately, someone came to Zucker's rescue. "Our stage manager, Fran, walked over put her hand on my back, and said, 'Honey, did everybody just leave you?'" recounts Zucker. "It was actually a very funny moment."

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