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Good interview.

First off, how cute is Molly Burnett? Loved her and she seems so into the show and the fans. Just back off a bit on the airtime and she'll be fine. I just adore her. What a true find for Days.

RM and BB were ok. Blake had a bit of trouble getting a word in to start but they did seem to get along ok. Even if they weren't, I doubt they would want to make it known publicly However, they did seem chummy. I like how happy they are both are that he is psycho. LOL to the story about him outside Rachel's apartment and his saying he stalks women he likes. The fashion talk at the end was a bit weird. Poor Blake looked like he hated that talk.

They didn't see to know much about story but, given this was on November 1st, they probably wanted to keep the Nick stuff quiet. Molly danced around what was going on too. They kind of just mentioned Nick being psycho and left it at that. Rachel did seem put off by the question regarding stories. Chelsea is sort of in limbo right now so can't blame her. I didn't expect anything from Blake, given his story. He probably didn't want to spoil anything. It was funny how they were talking about the red carpet and Rachel being shocked that people cheered for them and Blake's like "Oh yeah, I missed it. I was stuck in traffic" LOL. That was a cute moment.

Hope to see more of these. They're fun.
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