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Well, good for JS on finally choosing a side and being adamant about it. I think he's just happy that his character has direction and isn't flip-flopping. I don't blame him for feeling how he does. Sami/EJ just seems to be an albatross for this show and I think, in many ways, it's best to move on from it. They have great chemistry but I think they will always be so polarizing that it may not be for the best to continue on with them. Nicole/EJ have great chemistry and James probably likes the fact that he's getting a chance to play out a romance like this and to play out some real, emotional stuff. They botched Ejami IMO the night you know what happened. Nicole/EJ are fresh and I think James is excited for this baby story because it provides a challenge and a hurdle to his and Nicole's relationship. I don't think he will get in trouble for his comments. He's on everyday and is the show's current leading man. I don't see him going nowhere, especially since it really does seem to be about the writing for him, as he said.

Ari is going to rock this. She really is. I'm dreading it but, my God, this sounds like it will be heartbreaking. I'm just happy she is getting this material to show her talent. Same with James. I feel like James' talent was being wasted because the show felt it HAD to go with Ejami. if they end up still doing so, that's fine but I think giving it a rest and EJ moving on, either permanently or for a little while, is a very good thing for his character.

Can't wait for this. Sounds like a great end to sweeps.
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