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Nov 20 2008, 09:28 AM
Nov 19 2008, 06:23 PM
Nov 18 2008, 09:04 PM
I can understand why Deidre is ticked off!! For God's sake this a a woman who has never said a bad word about the writing, Corday or this show since she started back in 1976 (I think that's when she started). Then she gets FIRED??? WHAT A SLAP IN HER FACE. Deidre needs to just pack up her stuff kick Ken Corday in the nuts shove all of the shit she doesn't want to take with her up his ass and move on to another show!!! This is just sickening what has happened to her.
Judi Evans never said a bad thing about the writing or her boss, either, from what I have read. I doubt Renee Jones did, either. Probably quite a few of the original slasher victims didn't, either.
I have a real mixed opinion of actors speaking their mind about Corday and the show. On one hand, its nice to hear that they are also frustrated, etc. but on the other hand, as a potential employer or current employer of someone who did, I would not be too happy with them.

There are also two sides to this. We know what actors say to the press but we don't know what happens on the set. During shooting, actors can be vocal about how a scene is played out and that can differ from what TPTB want and the actors could speak out on set and let their real feelings air.
Actually, what if these actors DID go to Corday or whoever,and those people didn't listen? That's as frustrating to employees. After a while, it takes a toil. Take it from someone who wants to throw a couple of her higher administrators out the window for their stupid decisions, and won't listen to someone who is actually in the trenches. When intelligent people see their superiors doing something stupid, it's very difficult not to say something. (not saying YOU do that. I'm just sayin').
I have respect for those actors who don't sugarcoat things. The problem is....changes aren't made when those involved keep going on like everything is honkey-dorey until the ceiling caves in. There is a way to say things, and I think several actors have alluded to this in their interviews without seeming mutinous.
Obviously, the best way to do it is to discuss it with the superior in a professional manner. But, as we all know, there are those bullheaded bosses who think they know it all and do not take into consideration the wisdom and experience of those who are actually doing the work, seeing the fans, getting the reactions, etc.
The best type of boss is the collaborative, participative boss who listens to all angles, and THEN makes the decision based on what is best for ALL involved. Whether or not this happened with Corday remains to be seen.
Did he make a dumb decision? Did Hall and Hogestyn feel they were above the fray? Are their behind-the-scenes personalities different than the front they show? Or, did Hall and Hogestyn and others tried to rationally reason with TPTB, to no avail? Or did Corday honestly do what he could do, too little, too late?
We have to remember, too (as much as we hate to admit it), many actors are in the business they're in because, well, they're egotistical and like attention! It's their JOB to want attention. But,some actors are in it just because they like to pretend to be different characters and can let loose, which is something they are too shy to do in real life. It's always amazed me, when doing high school theatre, the kids who chose to be onstage. They are often the shyest kids around.

I don't think we'll really know for a while what really came down. We're still trying to figure out the whole diva thing, and aren't caught up with THAT yet! :D
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