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I would have my resume out. Just the working environment must be hell. Corday has a history of making very poor decisions. He certainly has never demonstrated an ability to solve a difficult problem creatively. He is such a backstabber. The show has gotten so bad on so many levels that it hurts me to see it self-destruct. I wish it would just go off the air with a nice Christmas celebration week. You have Corday's horrible producing skills coupled by the huge blunder of hiring back Higley and this is what you get. He acts likethis show is a duty that has been thrust on him that he really would rather not have as it causes him a great deal of stress. He is a horrible boss. Every character is out of whack. The show is now an affront to my sensibilities. I cringe for the actors when I see them spewing this shitful diologue. The make-up and hair is disturbing. Kate's little fantasy lung cancer scenes where she lies in full make-up in a bed looking lovely are truly creepy. Her type of lung cancer is fatal and cannot be cured by a bone marrow transplant from a cancer survivor. If we have to have the "realism" of autism why not Kate wasting away, not being able to eat, blisters all over her and her hair falling out. Not that I would want to see that, but this is absurd. The whole show makes me sad because it is stupid and has an air of desperation to it. And for the love of God, take off all that black eyeliner off of Melanie. I am so done.
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