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Nov 19 2008, 03:51 PM
Jane had a really good point a page or so back about contract cycles. Corday said that Deidre and Drake would be off the air for the foreseeable future. Could it be that due to how cast contract cycles fall, he had to cut them (because, really, you know they have to be 2 of the higher paid actors on the show) due to finances and because he couldn't feesably cut other performers whose cycles weren't up yet. However, once he can write out enough of the secondary contract actors at the ends of their respective cycles, he has intentions of bringing Deidre and Drake back once he has enough money freed up to pay them? IMO, it really comes down to a business decision concerning money, numbers, and accounting. Do you keep two very highly paid fan favorites and continue to pay a larger number of secondary performers because of contract cycles (even if you were to get rid of them) and risk completely running out of money to even put the show on, or get rid of the two highly paid fan favorites (freeing up the money used for their saleries so that it can go to keeping the show running) while waiting out the contract cycles of the actors you can get rid of so that the money used to pay them can be turned around to pay for the two fan favorites? No matter what the fans want, any show on the air is bound by things like calenders, contracts, and available money.
i thought that was a good post too
but WHY fire them and make it all public?

why can't he just say, yeah we have a budget crisis atm
and because we're a family that sticks together
several cast members have decided to take extended vacations while we sort ourselves out
they will be back shortly

Cycle or not
Deidre & Drake should tell him to go fuck himself
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