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If anyone is still watching...

-You will be a little surprised when you see John Callahan. I almost didn't recognize him. :ermmmm:

-Phillip and Stephanie grow closer!

-Victor sighting!!! In scenes with Caroline.

-Stefano sighting!!! He shares scenes with EJ.

-Nick sighting!! Melanie goes to visit him.

-There are a few Chex scenes and one or two Stax scenes. If you are a Stax fan, I'd say your couple is done.

-The Dimera Mansion is all ready for the holidays!

-More vixenish Melanie, of course. :sleep:

And now for the superficial, aka "Damn, he is fine!" portion of the scoop:

There is an Ejole scene coming up that you James Scott fans MUST watch.... so you can simply drink in the gorgeousness that is him. He's not wearing a suit for a change, not shirtless either, but still VERY delicious looking, drool, drool.
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