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Nov 20 2008, 06:22 PM
I think anybody who says DAYS should keep Dee/Drake no matter what needs to watch the show tomorrow, because that perfectly sums up what is the biggest trouble of those extreme expensive characters.

Basically, this sweeps weīve had two murders. One, the Trentīs murder, a story lead by the newbies/non expensive actors. All beats could be played, there was no screentime limitiation and it could culminate dramatically most of this week as it should.

On the other side, Mayorīs murder, story for vets. We see them again tomorrow after a week or so absence (and poor Steve after almost month and half) with no build up. The killer is already on the scene and everything is rushed up beyond reason so it can be dealt with on Monday and the characters will disappear for atleast another week. Why? Because the show cannot afford to use them more. And this was taped even before the latest budget cuts so imagine how limited the story possibilities would be now.

Even if Dee and Drake stayed they would never had any substantial story again due all those restrictions. And keep them as supporting is not only uneconomic but very frustrating for the fans too, because most of them donīt know anything about budget, quaranties, set limitations and I donīt know what else the EP and HW has to deal on daily basis and believes writing for DAYS is just as easy as writing fanfictions.

Great post.

I understand what D&D fans are going through. It sucks. I adore Dee and will miss her like crazy and Drake won me back over again this year. However, you have to put yourself in the situation and doing what is best for the show. How many other people work there? Some keep saying that if your just going to axe vets or limit them, cancel the show now. Ok, so cancel a show and put others out of work and break the hearts of fans who still like the show and want it around because your faves are out? That doesn't seem fair to me.

Oh, how I wish there was Internet in the 80's. Actually, no I don't and I don't think most fans do either because, if there was, I would bet the show would've been in a similar predicament and we may not have ever gotten Bo, Hope, John, etc. I know people who watched at that time, including myself, who were just as mad, if not worse, then many on the net right now over seeing their faves pushed aside for the new era of couples and characters. Same goes for the early 90's. How many beloved faces were let go? Matthew Ashford and Missy Reeves were extremely popular yet Matt was fired. I remember then being a worry about Days crashing and it didn't. Why? Because they retooled and through that process came out with a tighter, fresher show and the storytelling was upped a notch. If the show can do that again, there will be no problem.

I'm in upper management. I hate it. I can't bare laying off people who are friends or people who have worked for us for over two decades but you have to. Otherwise, the business goes under and the whole company is out of work. We all have our faves but sometimes we have to look past that and acknowledge that there is valid reason behind this. No one has to agree with it or keep watching or whatever but some are acting like there was absolutely no rhyme or reason to this and there was.
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