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Day of Days Wrap-Up
November 20, 05:14 PM

What can I say? I survived my very first "Days of our Lives" fan event. If I had one word to describe the day, it would be "pandemonium." I knew the show had fans; to actually see the most dedicated of them lined up in the rain was unreal. Keep in mind that this all took place in sunny Los Angeles. I can't even remember the last time it rained here, but low and behold, it decided to rain on that particular day of the event. Even the grey skies couldn't tear down the spirits of these fans. They were just all anxiously waiting to see their favorites and I can personally say, I don't think the fans were disappointed!

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I had the pleasure of covering the event for NBC.com and had the time of my life. The fans couldn't have been nicer and more dedicated. In fact, we had fans from Canada, Florida, and even Maine there! And the actors were such a delight. They truly were touched to see how many people came out to support them.

I was also lucky enough to be given my own little room that came with a couch, where the actors could chill out while I asked them questions. I didn't really know how this was going to go, since the entire day seemed to be thrown off a bit because of the rain. I was completely surprised to see just how smooth everything ended up being. Alison Sweeney was the first person to walk up to my little interview station to talk. She was as sweet as can be and just radiant as a pregnant woman. You will have to make sure to catch her interview when it goes live in weeks to come!

Now, I know a lot of you are fans of James Scott and let me tell you, the man is just as dreamy as he appears on your television screens, if not more. He sat on the couch and talked about how genuinely flattered he was with the response he was getting from the fans just outside my room. I hope you all enjoyed my interview I did with him. Here's a sweet photo James took with me after our interview. He sure fits the category of tall, dark, and handsome, doesn't he?

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As the day progressed, I was able to take a few breaks, go outside and talk to the fans, hang out more with your favorite actors and the come back and continue my interviews. Personally, one of my favorites to always talk to is Jay Johnson. He and I go back to last year, when he was my chosen "first" hunk to interview for Ask the Hunk. He's always as sweet as can be with his Missouri-bred charm, and those dimples attached to that killer smile aren't bad, either. I hope you all enjoy his interview, as well.

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The best part of these interviews from the Day of Days event is that the viewers at home can see firsthand how humble the actors are and how tremendously touched they truly are for having all the fans' support. So, keep up the great work. Your presence is noticed!

Thanks for tuning in to the interviews and please give me your feedback. I appreciate it all! Remember, new interviews from the Day of Days event will be going up every Tuesday and Thursday, so keep watching. Don't forget to browse through the latest photos from the Day of Days event.

Until next time, enjoy the show and tell us what you would like to see going on!


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