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Nov 21 2008, 12:48 AM
It's hard to say that because you never know if the writer is allowed to tell his or her own stories or not or if Corday just tells them what he wants, and they're doing what he wants to keep their jobs. Who knows.

Regardless, I think her time is up or will be soon.

I understand why people don't like her and that's fine but between the strike, writing team upheaval several times, the scandal with Scott and the diva, more backstage and writing upheaval, and now cast cuts...I wouldn't be surprised if most of her material hasn't reached air. I know for a fact two major stories were tossed out. One during the aftermath of the summer scandal and one due to cast cuts.

I do think she will be done soon too. She's already walked once and now she's pissed about the cuts. Maybe whoever said a few months ago she would bolt once she finishes the autism story was right. I give her a few months. I think by March she will be gone.

She's not the killer of Days though. That title is all Corday's.
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