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Thanks King and Shining....

I just remember falling back in love with DOOL again mid 2007, rushing home everyday so that I could catch each and every moment. Now I just cringe at the thought of what the show has become...I don't watch anymore, for me Dena has killed the show that I fell back in love with. A show that I was excited to see mature into its possibilities.

I would or could have feelings for her plight as a writer. Except, that I remember all to well the same EXACT experience happen to me over OLTL. Once Dena got her hooks into that show...all things good were placed into coma's and we the fans were assured that atleast the characters could possibly come back...since they were not dead. Forget the matter that we as fans had invested and believed in the SL's weaved on the soap canvas...she placed more people in coma's in a six month period then should ever be allowed on a soap. She turned OLTL into a joke...then was asked to leave and renewed at Days to wreak her same havoc. Its like follow her path of distruction...or be placed in a coma. This if course is her imagination at work. It is November...sweeps for most soaps...what has happend at DOOL.....let me tell you....people get axed, and I assume that means more coma's.

I just wish someone would have the balls to actually start to write for DOOL, to not be afraid to take chances....to write as if they meant it. Rather then to trip off their pens these pithy frivilous plots that have absolutely no meaning to anyone except Dena. When will it sink into to her that we don't have a clue whats going on in her head, and that what she imagines just does not translate well onto screen. All I see when I tune into DOOL these days is a white hot steaming mess, of a soap that used to be something...well in my mind great.

this is me being sick to death of DOOL at the moment.

BTW shout out to OBK for sending me to the most fabulous website...what do I care so long as I have Bewitched!
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