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Nov 21 2008, 01:06 AM
Nov 21 2008, 12:48 AM
It's hard to say that because you never know if the writer is allowed to tell his or her own stories or not or if Corday just tells them what he wants, and they're doing what he wants to keep their jobs. Who knows.

Regardless, I think her time is up or will be soon.

I understand why people don't like her and that's fine but between the strike, writing team upheaval several times, the scandal with Scott and the diva, more backstage and writing upheaval, and now cast cuts...I wouldn't be surprised if most of her material hasn't reached air. I know for a fact two major stories were tossed out. One during the aftermath of the summer scandal and one due to cast cuts.

I do think she will be done soon too. She's already walked once and now she's pissed about the cuts. Maybe whoever said a few months ago she would bolt once she finishes the autism story was right. I give her a few months. I think by March she will be gone.

She's not the killer of Days though. That title is all Corday's.
Hey Phoe, long time no talk!

Ok. I agree with you, and upon reflection I think that I would amend the title to reflect Corday's duplicity in the death of DOOL. He is just as much a killer of this soap as the writers.....as he is ultimately driving this ship. Yes there were budget cuts, deep ones at that...yes there were firings....yes there was a stike. I agree with all you have to say on the matter. However, I realize and acknowledge that while, budget cuts, strikes, firings...etc would affect the show, I still maintain that these should not be used as an excuse for poor writing, all shows have, will, and are now experiencing some elements of each...perhaps it is the culmination of them all at once which is killing Days capacity to bounce back...maybe.

What I can say about the matter is this, everything could be forgiven if we the fans were given proper sl's that transitioned from one jump to the next. For proper transitions, when one sl abruptly ends to make way for a new direction that the soap moves towards, one would need a writer, or writers that could WRITE! There is a sortof self indulgence that is happening over at DOOL, a self indulgence that leaves "we" the fans out in the cold. As it is apparent that the show could care less for our patronage.

While I understand that there have been many challenges on the show. More so then most, I will maintain that if Dena wrote and had proper transitions from abrupt SL change in direction, rather then to change direction every five seconds, with no care to the fans watching...more fans would stay tuned in. I think more then anything I have just become pissed over the entire debacle. It is tiresome to the extreme to love a show and watch its slow and painful demise. But like all things ... I guess they must come to an end.

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