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Nov 21 2008, 01:30 AM
The only thing I think is really wrong with DAYS right now is the mess with Kate/Chelsea/Dan/Chloe/Lucas/Sami/Ej/Rafe/Nicole.

Given, they all take up a huge portion of the show. LOL. Everyone is interested/in love with/banging someone else. It's so ridiculous!
Actually...alot of that has been resolved or, in better terms, not resolved so much as given direction.

Sami is out of both Lucas and EJ's orbits and not romantically linked to Rafe. She still loves EJ though. EJ is set on Nicole and seems over Sami at the moment. Nicole is set on EJ but it looks like we may get a Brady/Nicole/EJ story. Lucas and Chloe are set on each other. Kate/Daniel are set on each other at the moment although he's making eyes at Chloe. There is really no bed hopping. In fact, we've only had one sex scene in like 3 months and it's EJ and Nicole's this week. I actually never saw the issue with the bed hopping. It happened once in July during the blackout with Lucas/Chloe and EJ/Nicole. There was alot of convoluted nonesense in summer because of the backstage BS but once Scott left and everything got settled, we actually got some direction and now we have actual stories going somewhere. It's hardly what it was a few months ago.

I couldn't agree more with Implosion (good to talk to you too, by the way :smile: ) but the problem is it's hard to transition through changes, re-writes, etc because they happen so often. It seems like every 2-3 months there is something else that happens that forces change. That doesn't help at all.
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