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Nov 21 2008, 02:33 AM
Nov 21 2008, 12:48 AM
It's hard to say that because you never know if the writer is allowed to tell his or her own stories or not or if Corday just tells them what he wants, and they're doing what he wants to keep their jobs. Who knows.

Regardless, I think her time is up or will be soon.
You have a valid point and I think Corday is just as much to blame as Dena. Even if Corday is not letting her tell certain stories, surely she could come up with better crap than she is right now. Kill two birds with one stone, get rid of Ken Corday and his bitch, Dena Hackley.
I think you will get your wish regards Dena because I really feel she is fading out while Tomlin/Whittesell takes over. There is very little "Higley" in the stories lately and from spoilers itīs clear the trend will continue.

I donīt think she will be fired, just her impact on the stories which makes it on screen seems smaller and smaller. I think from the moment the Trentīs murder story shifted focus from Caroline to Melanie it has been clear Whitesell/Tomlin with almost no Higley involved. I think the upcoming things with Nicole/EJ and the big secret is mainly Whitesell/Tomlin too. The Titan story with Phillip, Stephanie and Mel, again, no Higley.

Higley supposedly had some story for J/M and Brady and I quess she will write their happy ending and reunion now. And of course, she has the autism story.

BUT, I must say I think itīs funny so many people wants Higley gone when she is the one who wants to write character driven stories and likes the vets. Tomlin/Whittesell seems to not care about vets at all and are pure camp and plot.

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