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Nov 20 2008, 11:57 PM
Nov 20 2008, 08:41 PM
Some keep saying that if your just going to axe vets or limit them, cancel the show now. Ok, so cancel a show and put others out of work and break the hearts of fans who still like the show and want it around because your faves are out? That doesn't seem fair to me.
I think you're misinterpreting the sentiment. The people who are posting that truly feel that six months from now, the show will be in GL territory. I know you and I disagree on that, but I'm just explaining where those 'cancel the show now' comments are coming from. Many fans who have devoted years to this show would like to see it go out with some dignity, and they feel that these firings are a sign that that will never happen.

I understand that cancelling the show would suck for the people who are actually still enjoying it, but it would suck just as much for me to watch the show get pulled pulled apart limb by limb. I'm a fan of the show too, so why should my thoughts and wishes be ignored just because I don't eat everything this show tries to shove down my throat?
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