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Nov 21 2008, 06:44 AM
Nov 21 2008, 01:18 AM
What I can say about the matter is this, everything could be forgiven if we the fans were given proper sl's that transitioned from one jump to the next. For proper transitions, when one sl abruptly ends to make way for a new direction that the soap moves towards, one would need a writer, or writers that could WRITE! There is a sortof self indulgence that is happening over at DOOL, a self indulgence that leaves "we" the fans out in the cold. As it is apparent that the show could care less for our patronage.

While I understand that there have been many challenges on the show. More so then most, I will maintain that if Dena wrote and had proper transitions from abrupt SL change in direction, rather then to change direction every five seconds, with no care to the fans watching...more fans would stay tuned in. I think more then anything I have just become pissed over the entire debacle. It is tiresome to the extreme to love a show and watch its slow and painful demise. But like all things ... I guess they must come to an end.

I love your posts Implosion. I've felt the same way trying to watch the show this year. It almost made my head spin watching from episode. I'd see something I liked, then the next episode, I was 'wth' happened. There was no flow at all. It was very event driven, not story or character driven at all. In fact, there was no real story at all. I felt like Dena did not have a clue how to write a soap.

I'd like to know the details of exactly what happened, but all I do know, is I tried to watch and the stories became more and more confusing and random to the point where it was very difficult to watch, then a bit after the Ed issue broke we got the hospital storyline which was more focused than I'd seen all summer, and it was interesting. Fabulous Tony, Stefano scenes. Great John, Anna, Marlena scenes. Kayla and Steve had a couple of excellent scenes, and I was looking forward to them being used a lot more given their strong parallels to the J&M Ava story. Ej/Sami scenes in the stairwell were nice as well as the EJ family scenes just prior to this. It was exciting, and I was looking forward to getting back to some real storytelling.

Then it seemed like Dena was back. Waffling storylines, events that didn't flow from one day to the next. Stories that were obviously not planned out well to begin with like the Hollingsworth case, summarily wrapped up. Others like Kate's proposal, just disappeared without even trying to address it. How hard is it to have a 'no, I won't marry you scene'? The more restrained nice Sami replaced with shrew again. The vengeful Stefano replaced with a cuddly babysitter... You get tired of investing in stories only to be jerked around randomly all the time or have a story ended with no payoff after staying with it.

I do think Tomlin/Whitesell have tried to get their hands around the show and are working on making it more cohesive. There are things I haven't bought at all with the Trent story, the way the whole Trent story changed so suddenly and heavy handedly to a Trent is the worse man ever put on earth and needs to die, the way the direction changed to Nick somewhat suddenly leaving little pieces that don't tie up, the way the whole court scene was handelled so heavy handed and unrealistically, but overall, in the end they actually did tell a story that somewhat paid off these last weeks. I disliked about throwing the only nice young guy the show had to the wolves for it, but I guess that's sometimes what soaps are about. They couldn't have made me hate Melanie more I must say. She went from interesting when she first came on to 'nails on the blackboard'. If they had had her fall and flattened by a Mack truck, now THAT would've made the story for me, oh well.

I'm incredibly disappointed that just as Brady came back and the J&M story seemed about to be on track, we had our legs cut out from under us. I really liked Brady's return and was cautiously excited about the show again. I hoped the writers used D&D's missing time to get a handle on where they wanted to go with their story, and it seemed like they had. After struggling to watch Higley's mess all year, finally I was hopeful again, now I will we get an abrupt end to the story that I've been aching for all year, and the characters that were the heart of the show for me will be gone. Even if they weren't on, them just being there did keep me trying to watch.

I don't know Corday's motivations. It seems like he used firing D&D to send a message to the rest of the team, and the callous way he fired them over the phone was unbelievable. I almost wonder if he didn't WANT to incite the J&M fans. I am very sure people who have given up on the show this year and even in recent years will at least wonder about their last scenes and want to tune in for them. It gives the writers a brief chance to put something out there that can get some new people watching. I feel like the way Corday has treated D&D after all these years is just abhorrent. He could have handled this much better. He's using them to get press even as they exit. Just my impression.

I know I won't be watching without J&M much as I like other characters. Losing them just cuts the heart out for me. But I do want the remaining actors that I've enjoyed for years, PR, KA, SN, MBE, TP, LH, etc to have jobs and for things to get better for them. I'm in an odd position of hating Corday and Higley and wanting karma to bite them in the ass, while not wanting bad things for the people that are innocent victims in this who have also contributed to the enjoyment I've had in the show thru the years. The way this whole situation has been handled just leaves a disgusting taste in my mouth after all the good times DOOL has given me. I hate how J&M is ending.

As for Higley, I think she wrote garbage. Ed couldn't take it anymore and tried to fix it, and Higley got to pin her terrible writing on him. Now Tomlin may be capable, so he could possibly bail her out of this. No matter what, I think Higley is a hack, and J&M are taking the fall for it.
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