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Viewing Single Post From: Peter and Kristian take Pay Cut, Jay Back?

Nov 20 2008, 03:55 PM
I don't know how successful it is, but Kristian does have a jewelry line she works on, and I know Peter's into music and other side projects. Ya, it's probably nowhere near the Days income, but I don't see either one of them as being extravagant spenders (especially given Peter's pro-green stance)...
Going green is not cheap by any means which is one of my beefs with many who try and guilt the average American to do it. A hybrid car costs about $10,000 more than its traditional counterpart.

Given how Days uses KA and PR and how sporadic they are shown, cutting their pay seems fair enough. My question is, will Sweeney be asked to take a cut too because you can bet she is right up there with KA and PR in terms of income. Its been the Sami show for too long for her not to be in that range.

The message that Corday is sending is that Brooks, Scott, Johnson, Bjolin, Zucker, etc. can't go in and ask for more money when their contracts are up because if they do, they will be replaced. Given the economy and how much these guys make for working far fewer hours a week than most of us do, I'm not shedding a single tear.
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