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Nov 21 2008, 04:48 AM
Nov 21 2008, 01:08 AM
Well, some may still feel there is a chance of that. These cuts don't necessarily mean a nail in the coffin. They may but we won't know until the dust settles.
Corday said in SOD that the next 5 months will be "very difficult," but the show will come out much stronger for it in the end.

Stronger how? Financially? Sure, it'll be stronger financially because the budget will be trimmed... but it sure as hell won't be stronger creatively. Just as Ellie's signature suggests, you don't save a bleeding patient by ripping out their heart. I understand that firing Deidre will save money, but they're going to lose so many viewers that it won't be worth it. That's the problem. They'll lose more viewers, causing budget will be cut again... and they'll be right back in the same boat they're in now. Or the show will be cancelled altogether -- that's more likely. Problem is, I would rather it be cancelled before they rip out the show's heart instead of after. As a fan of the show, it's less painful for me to do without the show altogether than to see it go out with a whimper, unrecognizable.

There have been many "final nails in the coffin" over the last 5+ years, but this really takes the cake. For many fans, this really IS the final nail.
I understand what your saying, Kenny,and please know I'm not ignoring your opinion.

All I'm saying is someone is going to be unhappy. You cancel the show and those fans who still enjoy it or still watch are unhappy. Everyone at the show is out of work instead of the ones who get cut. My point is the show is going to upset someone either way in this situation. Again, I ask if you were in charge of a business that was your livelihood and you had hundreds of employees working for you and you had no choice but to cut budget, what would you do? Fold the whole business and put everyone out of work because you have to make some people unhappy? That is what I'm arguing. Your going to punish the rest of the cast and crew who work there and the fans who still want the show around or still watch because of this? Because some feel the show is falling out of touch with them and is over to them? Those who feel that way have reason to feel that way but there are others out there who feel differently. It's a catch 22. Someone won't be happy. I see you and others' point. Dee Hall is an icon but is she the show's heart? No. She's a part of it. The show's heart has always been family and tradition and the Brady's and Horton's are still there. Actually, the Horton's were the show's heart yet they have been ripped to shreds and the show still survived. As long as you still have a good part of the heart there, it should be ok. Does that mean it will be? No. it will depend on who else they cut and what stories they tell. Days has survived without Dee before. It will be different and I hate to see it but it can happen.

No one is wrong in how they are feeling but both sides can't have their way and i, personally, feel Days has alot of life still in it even with these cuts. It's still far away from GL territory IMO.
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