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From an anonymous source. Thanks so much!

For the week of December 8th:

---After they were almost killed by their "business" associates, Stefano and EJ returned to the mansion where they realized someone has breached security. Stefano counseled EJ to make things official with Nicole. EJ knew he had to do it, but first, he had to make things completely "unofficial" with Sami. He talked Roman into calling her and EJ told Sami goodbye.

---Rafe broke into the DiMera mansion. While there, he almost discovered Nicole's secret. She covered, but he still knew something was amiss. Later, he and Sami trimmed the tree and shared a little bonding time. Meanwhile, the killer had identified Rafe and when Sami convinced him to go shopping for her, he was really putting himself in danger. In fact, the killer spotted Rafe – and stabbed him......

---Nicole had a new plan. She was going to adopt. Unfortunately, Brady was onto her. He threatened to tell EJ the truth. When Lucas and Chloe arrived, Nicole used them as a distraction and then got another idea: she bought some cocaine from Brick, the bartender, and drugged Brady's drink. Thankfully, she couldn't go through with it and slapped the drink out of Brady's hand. She came clean and convinced Brady to keep her secret. And Nicole continued searching for a surrogate mother and found one – a young woman named Kelly. Brady went with Nicole to the meeting and was suspicious. He followed Kelly and found her drinking and smoking at the Cheatin' Heart......

---Chloe went to the hospital for another pre-op test. While Daniel was examining her, they shared an electric moment. Both were turned on, but they covered. Feeling guilty, Daniel went to see Kate. The next day, Chloe treated Daniel icily, and that didn't help her blood pressure. They almost had to call off the procedure, but Chloe got it under control and was wheeled off to the operating room.

---Chelsea counseled Max not to throw away the box from Trent. They went to his room and he finally opened the box.

---Thanks to Stephanie, Melanie had a trying first day of work at Titan. In return, Melanie "accidentally" locked Stephanie in the document safe. What she didn't know was that Philip was in there, too. When the safe door opened, Melanie witnessed a near lip-lock between Stephanie and Philip. Philip asked Stephanie out, but she said there was something she needed to take care of, first. Meanwhile, Melanie told Max about seeing Philip and Stephanie; he told her she sounded jealous. Max also told Melanie that Nick was asking why she hadn't responded to any of his letters. Melanie promised to visit him in jail.

---Marlena was shocked to learn that she was now sharing her reception area with Dr. Taylor, John's therapist. John arrived for his session and Marlena reacted to the sound of laughter coming out of the office. Afterward, John gave Marlena very little info about the session. Marlena vented to Kayla, who told her she sounded jealous. Marlena would only say she wanted the old John back. Meanwhile, the new John ran into Dr. Taylor in the park and told her he trusted her.

---Bo and Hope discussed their busy schedules while they were hanging ornaments. Hope believed one of them should quit their job. While putting up the star, Bo fell off the ladder and hit his head. Is he okay?......

Week of December 15th:

---Rafe managed to escape his attacker and made it back to the loft, where Sami had to stitch him up. He didn't want to call the police; he realized someone in the FBI must have tipped off the killer. Rafe got drunk to help kill the pain and shared a little too much. He told Sami she was an idiot for loving EJ when he doesn't love her back. The next day, Rafe tried to put some distance between them, but they kept getting closer. Rafe didn't think he was fit to be Sami's guard anymore, but she wanted him to stay. When Sami slipped and fell, Rafe came to her rescue and it was clear these two were getting closer. Much closer.

---Nicole accused Brady of lying to her about his claim that Kelly, the pregnant girl, was a scam artist. Unfortunately, Brady was telling the truth. Kelly revealed she was not pregnant, and Nicole admitted she was blinded by her desire to give EJ a child. Brady urged her to tell EJ the truth, but all Nicole could do was confess her fear of being an unfit mother. EJ assured her they were in this together and Nicole assured Brady she was keeping her secret.

---EJ continued to defend Nicole – and her choice of doctors – to Stefano, even when he learned she had changed doctors. Meanwhile, Nicole's new doctor – Baker- was blackmailing her for $750,000. She got her hopes up when she learned EJ had set up a $1 million trust fund for her, but she couldn't get her mitts on that cash just yet. Later, EJ told Nicole he wanted to sleep in the same bed as her. Nicole panicked. She denied his request, telling him her hormones were out of control. Things turned from bad to worse when Dr. Baker showed up, demanding his money. What is Nicole going to do?

---Lucas's car broke down so he had trouble getting home to Chloe, who had a surprise waiting. She and Daniel had ended their friendship, agreeing that now they were only connected by Lucas and Kate. But.....Chloe was troubled and Daniel had an erotic dream about her. Meanwhile, Maggie visited Chloe to make sure she was really devoted to Lucas. Chloe assured her she was. But when Daniel arrived with a gift from Kate, he found Chloe with her special, sexy surprise for Lucas.

---Melanie visited Nick in prison, where he gave her his share of the potential profits from his alternative fuels project. Melanie returned to Titan, where she let Philip and Stephanie know that her position was about to change. Philip told her that he didn't want her or the project. She was fired. Melanie took her project directly to Victor, who later accused Philip of putting his personal feelings before business. Philip defended himself – and quit.

---Philip recalled his near kiss with Stephanie, while she was being confronted by Max about her "public display." Stephanie realized Melanie had snitched and later accused her of being jealous. Melanie implied she had slept with Philip, but he denied it. Melanie's jealousy flared even more when she saw Philip and Stephanie canoodling under the mistletoe. They shared their first real kiss and she encouraged him to mend fences with Victor. Philip did, but will Victor take him back......

---Chelsea and Theo found Max at the pier. He was debating whether or not to throw the toy dog Trent had left him into the water. Theo saw and wanted the dog, and Max was only too happy to give it to him.

---EJ accused Lexie of putting his family in danger by going to Stefano about Mayor Marino. Lexie responded, questioning EJ's decision to keep pregnant Nicole under Stefano's roof. Their conflict was escalating as Abe and Theo walked in. Lexie broke down when Theo didn't answer EJ's question about what he wanted for Christmas. She was thrilled later, however, when Theo pointed to a gift and said he wanted it.

**UPDATED 11/25**

CDN TV Guide spoilers for wk of 12/8

Brady finds illegal drugs in the park and John believes they are Brady's; Rafe almost stumbles upon Nicole's secret.

Brady discovers Nicole wants to adopt a baby and keep her miscarriage a secret from EJ forever; Sami and Rafe trim the Christmas tree and bond.

Nicole nearly goes to great lengths to silence Brady; Chloe goes through another pre-operation test at the hospital, and finds herself attracted to Daniel.

Chloe's bone marrow transplant is nearly put on hold due to her rising blood pressure; Marlena is shocked to learn she will share her office waiting area with Dr. Charlotte Taylor.

Tony confronts Stefano about a business deal between Tony and EJ; Melanie catches Philip and Stephanie about to kiss.

**UPDATED 12/2**

Daytime Dial spoilers


* Nicole drugs Brady’s drink.

* Bo falls off a ladder and hits his head.

* Stefano (Joseph Mascolo, pictured) counsels EJ to make things official with Nicole.

* Melanie tells Max about seeing Philip and Stephanie almost kissing.

Thursday – John runs into Dr. Taylor at the park and professes his trust in her.

Friday – The killer finds Rafe and stabs him.


**UPDATED 12/4**

Daily spoilers

Monday, December 8th
Brady finds drugs in the park; Sami makes a Christmas wish; Rafe almost discovers Nicole's secret; some business associates try to double-cross Stefano and E.J.

Tuesday, December 9th
Brady discovers that Nicole is planning to adopt a baby and never tell E.J. about her miscarriage; Lucas and Chloe spend quality time at the pier; Rafe and Sami bond while trimming the Christmas tree.

Wednesday, December 10th
E.J. says goodbye to Sami; Nicole tells Brady the truth; E.J. tells Nicole that he loves her; Chloe and Daniel have an electric moment.

Thursday, December 11th
Chloe and Lucas share an intimate moment; Marlena discovers that she's now sharing her office waiting area with Dr. Charlotte Taylor; Melanie has a difficult first day at Titan.

Friday, December 12th
Tony discovers that E.J. is being groomed to take over the family; Philip asks Stephanie out; the killer sees Rafe out shopping; Bo falls off a ladder.

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